Regent Homes



We think of our Display Homes as ‘Inspiration Centres’ because they are designed to help inspire our visitors. Visualising the latest in design trends, materials and appliances, our display homes represent many years of planning and forward thinking to ensure we create an experience that is unique, memorable and inspiring. Our Display Homes are also an opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities as a custom home builder in SA. Our display homes are also a tribute and celebration of our employees, tradespeople and suppliers all coming together as one to create something special for our visitors and hopefully future customers.

The Lightsview

‘The Lightsview’ by Regent Homes offers a contemporary five bedroom family home, boosting a guest suite with it’s own private ensuite and multiple living zones to provide a level of independence and space for the occupants.

The Blackwood

‘The Blackwood’ by Regent Homes is our latest grand masterpiece, custom designed to complement the distinct natural contours and rolling hills throughout Blackwood Park. Boasting three levels, this home offers a unique opulence which you immediately identify with as you enter the home.

Our 3D Designs

We believe that designing a new home should be fun, immersive and visually stimulating. We love the process of crafting a new home with families, making the most of the block and location and delivering a home that is beautiful, functional and completely unique.

Our latest 3D digital modelling allows you to visualise exactly how your new home will look well before building commences, giving you an enriching experience and helping you make the right design choices for your home.

Case Studies


In the leafy streets of Tranmere, this home has delivered some beautiful bespoke features for Aaron.


In the family friendly Melrose Park, this home has all the design features to make it a forever home for Alice and Brad.
In the eastern suburb of Rosslyn Park, this home has allowed David and Lesley to enjoy entertaining friends and family.