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Your Journey

Our Customers Experience

It’s long been known that the responsibility of being a builder stretches well beyond just building a home.

Today more than ever customers expect much higher levels of engagement, personalisation and to have their hand held every step of the way. We don’t think those expectations are unreasonable.

We know from 30 years of experience that the best home can be spoilt if the customer feels the experience or service is below par. It’s why we work hard to attract and resource our business with employees, tradespeople and suppliers that enjoy delighting customers.

There are many examples that we feel set us apart. But to help better explain what your journey would look like as a Regent Homes customer we’ve put together this video. We think it explains it best. (Ps. We’ve even made actors out of a few of our team.)

Your Steps to Success

To help you visualise our 10-steps to Success we have put together this interactive device below.

Hover or click on any of the steps below to learn a little more.

Your dream home comes to life DESIGN STEP 01 Contracts are prepared and signed IT’S TIME TO SIGN STEP 03 All the boxes need to be ticked COUNCIL AND APPROVALS STEP 05 The wait is almost over CONSTRUCTION COMMENCES STEP 07 Champagne at the ready DAY OF HANDOVER STEP 09 Getting the costs and details right PRICING STEP 02 Start putting your personality into your home INTERIOR DESIGN STEP 04 We’re almost ready to start on site PRE-BUILD STEP 06 Experience your home coming to life THE CONSTRUCTION PHASE STEP 08 The Regent Homes service continues YOU’RE NOW IN YOUR HOME STEP 10


Getting the cost and details right.

Now that your home has been designed, our qualified estimators take over, working with you and your new home consultant to document a detailed pricing schedule that reflects your requirements.

Before finalising your costing, we first need to engage our engineers to help inform the exact contours of your block, where your services are located, the footing requirements and any other site-specific matters that may need consideration like retaining etc. It is only with all these details at hand that we are able to accurately finalise your pricing.

You should have peace of mind that when we present our final price it’s FIXED! So, no unexpected or nasty surprises. The price will only change from here on in if you choose to make changes.


Your dream home comes to life!

It’s your dream home, so the first thing we do is introduce you to one of our qualified Architects where we learn all about your new home vision. This is a collaborative experience where we all ask lots of questions to ensure we come away from this meet intimately aware of your design vision. And you walk away with the confidence that your home is in safe hands.

We call our design process ‘Envision’ and it’s designed to give you a fully immersive and enriching experience. With your vision documented we set about designing and bringing your dream home to life.

Along with the 3D modelling we also provide a suite of full-colour images so you can see exactly how your new home will look inside and out, including a landscaping layout.

Creating a new home is undoubtedly one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, so we will work with you to refine the design of your new home until it’s exactly right for you.

It's Time to Sign

Contracts are prepared and signed.

At this stage we will present you with a home building contract.

You will have a unique home design based on your requirements and dreams, the home will be costed (with the exception of final selections) and your detailed plans will be nearly ready for council submission.

This is an exciting stage; from here we commit to each other to build your new home.

Interior Desgin

Start putting your personality into your home.

It’s time to introduce you to our interior designer who will liaise with you throughout your entire selection journey. This is where you really stamp your personality on your new home.

This journey starts with a pre-selection meeting at our head office where our Interior Designer explains the process, end to end.

In this initial meeting you will also be selecting your external materials that includes items like brick or cladding materials and colours, roof material and colours, gutters, fascia’s etc. Your home after this meeting is starting to feel like it has a personality.

Following this, we will prepare a calendar for your external selection meetings with our suppliers. We have hand selected the best quality suppliers for you to meet in their stunning showrooms.

We have hand selected the best quality suppliers for you to meet in their stunning showrooms.

Unlike the standard homebuilder who provides a limited amount of selection choice, we give you complete freedom to select whatever you like.

This stage can take a number of months to finalise, and you’ll be exposed to so many choices so we make sure our interior designer is never far away to help you along this journey.

Council and Approvals

All the boxes need to be ticked.

Generally, once you have entered a home building contract with us, we are very quickly able to submit your home to council to commence the council approval process.

This process for approvals is broken up in to three keys stages;

  1. Planning approval approx. 8-12 weeks
  2. Building approval approx. 4-6 weeks post planning approval
  3. Development approval approx. 3-4 weeks post building approval

Throughout this stage there is a limited number of things a customer can participate in, however you will be well entertained completing your selections process. We deliberately run these processes in parallel for this exact reason!

But don’t worry; we will also keep you up to date on how your home is moving through the council approval process, so you’ll always be well informed.


We're almost ready to start on site

Once development approval from council is granted, your selections stage is complete, and your bank finances are approved (if needed), your home now moves into our pre-build phase. This is the last little step before we move to site!

We then proceed to do all our final checks and balances and we begin having your home quoted, with orders placed shortly after.

At the end of this stage your home will be officially handed over to our construction department. You can expect this stage to only take 2-3 weeks.

Construction Commences

The wait is almost over.

This is always an extremely exciting milestone for all our customers. It is when the construction of your new home commences, and your home will start to come alive.

To date you would have been working closely with your appointed New Home Consultant, Architect, Interior Designer, and Estimator, and now we formally introduce you to your Construction Supervisor.

Let the build begin!

The Construction Phase

Experience your home coming to life.

During the months ahead your appointed Construction Supervisor will be overseeing your new home.

They will oversee all facets of the build including the coordination of our trades and suppliers, quality assessment criteria and work, health and safety.

They will also be your single point of contact during the building stage and will arrange site meetings and update you by phone and email each week, so you’re always kept up to date as to the status of your new home.

During the building phase you will enjoy a minimum of 7 site meetings. These include a:

  • Pre-commencement meeting/meet your Supervisor
  • Framework inspection meeting
  • Pre-electrical walk through with your Electrician
  • Joinery installation complete
  • Pre-tiling meeting with your Tiler
  • Pre-handover walk through with your Supervisor
  • Day of handover

One of the meetings that our customers always get a lot of value from is the pre-electrical walk through.

At this site meeting you will meet face to face with your Electrician and your Supervisor and you will intimately review your electrical layouts and schedule.

It’s not uncommon whilst undertaking this electrical meeting that a few changes are made by our customers. But that is completely fine. We want to ultimately make sure that you are completely happy with the placement of all your electrical items before we commence lining your new home.

Day of Handover

Champagne at the ready

It’s the day you (and us) have been looking forward to for some time. The champagne needs to be on ice because it’s the day we handover your home.

More than just handing over a set of keys, your Construction Supervisor will be there to formally take you through your new home and show you how to maintain and operate all features and facets.

Now it’s over to you to move in and enjoy your new home.

You're Now In Your Home

The Regent Homes service continues.

There might still be a packing box or two lurking around, but a month after you move in, our After-Sales Service Coordinator will be in touch to see how you’re settling in and how your new home is performing.

Just before your three-month anniversary, we will also come to your home for a formal inspection with you. Any minor maintenance issues will be documented and immediately dealt with – we want to make sure you are completely happy with your home.

Our Partners


A building company is only as good as its people. For Regent Homes that extends past just our employees to include Suppliers and Tradespeople.

In many ways the build performance of any home is very much down to these key stakeholders. It’s why Regent Homes invests in continuing to strengthen these key relationships each and every day.

Suppliers and Tradespeople can be the forgotten heroes, but not at Regent Homes. We know that the right relationships, skills and quality of products can be the difference between a good finished home and a great finished home.

Our Trade and Suppliers are selected, not by being the cheapest but those that have values, ethics and processes aligned to ours; those that offer great value and those that will always go that little bit further to serve our customers and deliver excellence.

For our customers we align ourselves with Suppliers that are leaders in their field. As a customer of Regent Homes you have the opportunity to view their showrooms as part of the selection process to ensure you’re presented with the latest and greatest offering in today’s market. You then have the freedom to completely customise your specification to meet your family’s needs, desires and budgets.


Customer Testimonials

“It has now been 3 months since we moved into our beautiful new house built by Regent Homes, and every day we pinch ourselves that we get to live in such an amazing space with our family”

Linda McIntyre - Blackwood Park

“Exceptional build. Site manager was brilliant.”

Angus Netting - Manningham

“We had a great experience building our new home with Regent and would recommend them to anyone thinking of building. Very pleased with the quality of the build and the people we dealt with throughout the entire process.”

Paul Bogacki - Somerton Park

“We were fortunate to have Phil Meakins supervise our build. He was considerate, pleasant and worked to achieve the best outcomes possible. Throughout, the communication with Phil and after handover with Kiwi was both professional and friendly. Even after the three months from handover, they are both willing to discuss issues relating to the build. Each day we are thankful for the skill shown by the Regent Team as we enjoy living in our new home.”

Margaret Porter - Hove

“Regent Homes were great to deal with and our Site Supervisor was just amazing and kept us in the loop all the way through our build.”

Anita Maunder - Spring Gully

“They allowed us to go through the whole process before starting the build and locked in a set price. They were great, particularly around the interior design recommendations and our site supervisor was absolutely outstanding (Scott Power). We bought in an inspector to sign off on each stage of the build and only picked up very minor things, which just goes to show how the quality that Regent produced. We’d highly recommend building with Regent.”

Nic Mercer - Aldgate

“House is fantastic. Supervisor was great and easy to work with. Always on top of things and communicated constantly. Much appreciated. Looking forward to many years in our Regent home.”

Glen Simmonds - Houghton

“We are extremely happy with our new home. We designed our own home and had a long wish list of inclusions as well as having a strict list of encumbrances from the developer to deal with. All staff have been outstanding. They listened to what we wanted but most importantly helped bring our vision to reality. The house build quality is first-rate. We highly recommend Regent Homes!”

Vicki Poulain - Lightsview

“From design/planning, construction through to completion the team at Regent Homes listened & delivered a custom-built home that exceeded our expectations. A point of difference compared to friends who were building with others. The regular communication from our Site Manager was fantastic. We would happily recommend Regent Homes without hesitation to our family and friends, especially so in these more unusual times as they are a local SA family owned building company.”

Jade Tregoweth - Crafers

“Handover was hassle free & enjoyable. It was exciting to watch our house come together, without issue. Although we were beyond thrilled to move into our house, we were also slightly disappointed the experience was over. Also thank you to our site manager who went above & beyond. We are extremely grateful & we love our house. Thank you Regent.”

Jake Hutton - Seacliff Park

“Given we struggled to visualise what the finished product would like, having Alex present this in their 3D Envision package put all our worries to rest. We got to see the complete finished house, furnished, landscaped, also having the ability to walk through every room, measure sizes was amazing. All in all, a streamlined process from start to finish and we would highly recommend Regent Homes for anyone considering building.”

Dale Gazzard - Greenwith

“From the consultation to designing, planning and building, we found the team at Regent Homes easy to deal with and super helpful. Phil, our project manager was very accommodating and addressed any concerns we had. He was always patient, answered all of our questions and made sure that build ran smoothly and on time. We have just moved into our home and are very happy with the result.”

Carmela Feo - Klemzig