Regent Homes Customer Stories

09 December 2021

Regent Homes Customer Stories

It’s not possible to build long-lasting relationships and a sound reputation as a home builder in Adelaide without consistently doing things well. For the team at Regent Homes, we are proud to have developed outstanding relationships with many Adelaide families over the past 30 years.

As a business, we work exceptionally hard to create and deliver an intimate and enjoyable experience for our customers, starting with the first conversation we have in our Display Home right through to the day we hand over the keys to our customers’ new abode.

Building a home is a massive commitment, both financially and emotionally. We believe it’s important to be empathetic and respectful of this and do everything within our means to add value and enjoyment to this exciting process.

We took the opportunity to sit down with a couple of long-term customers who have built multiple times with Regent Homes over the last 30 years, to hear what they had to say.

Why Adam chose Regent Homes

Adam Hartley, a commercial property expert, reached out to Regent Homes in 2006 for help with his first subdivision project. After initially using a separate architect and builder, Adam quickly realised this wasn’t the best approach and dropped into the Regent Homes office.

“Everything up to that point seemed too complicated and expensive, which is why I reached out to Regent Homes. After one discussion, David showed me how to save $4,000 on my project. From there, we made a number of small changes and things became much more cost-effective.”

For his first project, Adam built one home to live in and one to sell. “The guys knocked it out of the park. We didn’t do a thing; landscaping, floor coverings, air conditioning, the whole lot was done for us. Regent Homes finished the second build on a Saturday morning. We had the first home opening on the same day and the home was sold by Friday.”

A few years later, when looking to upgrade to a larger property for his family, Adam again contacted Regent Homes to build his family’s third home which all went very smoothly. His fourth project came when his mother’s property succumbed to bushfires. “She had a new home built in six months from the date the build commenced,” he explains. “I was always confident that not only could we work with Regent to get a house design that suited my mother’s unique requirements, but also to a budget that worked for us.”

Adam recommends Regent Homes because of the end to end process, from the support during the design phase (when the team is eager to point out ways to minimise, not increase costs), to the final finishes. “My home is seven or eight years old now and it looks like it was painted yesterday,” he says.

“By the time you have built four houses with the same company, it’s definitely a personal experience. What’s important is knowing that if you don’t feel comfortable about something, you can go back and rethink things. They always take the time to work it out.”

Multiple projects and multiple wins

Another repeat customer is John Robertson. A ‘serial property developer’, John and his wife have worked with Regent Homes to build more than a dozen residences over the years. This has included properties to live in, sell, and some to retain and rent out to tenants.

As John explains, “We initially commenced our relationship with Regent Homes after seeing a number of homes and signage within our local area. This provided us with the confidence to do our first project together. When you’re dealing with a builder and shelling out a lot of money, you have to have confidence. We always felt confident that the job would be done well. It wasn’t just luck! Every home was built to a high standard and there was great supervision the whole way through.”

Since then, John has completed subsequent developments with Regent Homes because of the smooth and straightforward process. “Dealing with the team in the office made all the difference”

John acknowledges that developing property can be difficult but says he and his wife never had a problem with Regent Homes. It was important to me that the homes were of a good quality and had nice finishes. All the homes built by Regent Homes have since been sold but it’s still nice to drive past these homes and see they are still looking great.”

John and Adam are just two customers who are happy to recommend Regent Homes after experiencing the difference of a committed and experienced team that is focused on quality as well as customer service.