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At Regent Homes, we believe a home isn’t just walls and a ceiling – it should be a reflection of your unique story, a tranquil sanctuary brimming with character and charm.  We specialise in crafting completely tailored homes, where unparalleled design meets exceptional construction and attention to detail.

Every family has its own story, that’s why at Regent Homes we begin by sitting down with you, to discuss your aspirations for your dream home. Whether it’s your first time using custom home builders or your tenth, our team is here to make this a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Art of
Bespoke Living

Regent Homes cater to the full spectrum of your bespoke living aspirations. Whether you’ve found the ideal piece of land or are looking to transform your existing property, we stand as your trusted partner throughout the entire process.

For those seeking a complete knock-down and rebuild, we provide comprehensive guidance and project management to help you organise the demolition of your current dwelling, and stay by your side until the exciting day you move in.

Our Process

We guide you through every step of the build process, leveraging innovative technology and an unmatched love of the details. We turn the complexity of building a new custom home into a truly tailored and exclusive journey.

Our collaboration begins with understanding your vision. We can meet you at our Envision Design Studio or on-site to assess the possibilities and ensure your dream aligns with your site’s potential.

Our team of designers will work with you to design the perfect home. Using our Envision technology, take a virtual tour through your planned space, refining every detail alongside our expert design team.

With design and pricing confirmed, we begin the process of obtaining planning approvals. You’ll then be guided through the selection process with one of our interior designers, choosing the unique materials and finishes that make your house a home.

If you’re choosing to knock-down an existing property, we will help you manage site service abolishments and pre-demolition requirements. Regular communication ensures you’re informed throughout every step.

Your site will be cleared efficiently and safely using our reputable demolition partners, all while respecting your neighbours.

After demolition, we begin excavation to prepare your site. This may involve the construction of retaining walls, fencing, and specialist engineering to guarantee a perfect foundation for your dream home.

From the initial foundation to the final detail, our expert team ensures exceptional quality and adheres to a pre-determined schedule. Regular site meetings and our dedicated customer portal keep you well informed throughout this exciting phase.

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Step into your new home and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. It’s a moment you’ll remember forever.

Even after move-in day, our team remains available to address any minor repairs or questions you may have during our maintenance period.

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