This custom-built Hove residence isn’t just a beach house, it’s a coastal masterpiece. The design cleverly mimics the ocean’s elements with a blend of angles and curves that any beach lover, surfer or not, will appreciate. The gentle stone curve, durable timber-look battens perfect for the seaside environment, and sleek white aluminium posts all work together to create a stunning home that’s sure to turn heads and capture the hearts of anyone who walks by.

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We have been so happy with Regent Homes. They actually stuck to the time frames promised. Every stage of the build was done to a high standard (as confirmed by people in the industry who know what the standard should be). They were approachable, quick to respond to any questions and issues. They showed flexibility, and gave us time and attention regardless of how many projects were on the go. They have an excellent, long-standing reputation in the state, known for their high spec finishes and quality workmanship. In an industry that is really under pressure at the moment, Regent Homes shone!

Emma Burchell

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