Home Design Re-imagined

3D Home Design Technology

Envision, allows you to visualise your new home with unparalleled clarity. 

Virtually step into your future home and feel the promise of luxurious living unfold. Wander through your new kitchen, soak in the comfort of living spaces, and appreciate the beauty of each bathroom. Every detail, carefully considered, awaits your inspection. With this enriching experience, you’ll confidently make informed design choices well before construction begins.

Leveraging VR technology, experience a fully immersive virtual tour of your home in our purpose built Envision Design Studio

Regent Homes are one of the few builders currently utilising this technology in Australia.

We are proud to be leading the way and providing our clients with an unparalleled building experience.

Step into your future home
before it’s even built

As a customer of Regent Homes, you’ll have the opportunity to experience your home using the latest in 3D Visual Technology.
This will allow you to:

Understand your Floor Plan

Stroll through your floor plan and understand how each space connects, ensuring a natural flow throughout your home.

Gain Peace of Mind

Fine-tune your layout, storage options and other features for a home that reflects your lifestyle, before construction begins. 

Feel the Space

Take the time to sit in the feeling of your future home, sparking excitement for the life you’ll build within its walls.

Revisit with Remote Access

Walk through your 3D design with family and friends at any time, on any device, with remote access directly via web browser.

Our Envision Design process is an in depth and comprehensive experience, where you will receive:

Envision to Reality


Experience Envision At Our Studio

Come into our purpose-built home design studio and experience Envision for yourself.
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